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Also there are session musicians of L'Arpeggiata: Adrian Rodriguez van der Spoel, Alain Buet, Alessandro Tampieri, Alfio Antico, André Dominici, Atsushi Sakaï, Béatrice Mayo Felip, Bork-Frithjof Smith, Céline Vieslet, Charles Edouard Fantin, Christina Pluhar, Christine Plubeau, Cyril Auvity, Daniel Zapico, Daniele Zorzano, Dominique Visse, Doron David Sherwin, Edin Karamazov, Eero Palviainen, Elisabeth Geiger, Elisabeth Seitz, Elizabeth Dobbin, Elodie Peudepièce, Emiliano Gonzalez Toro, Fernando Guimarães, Florencia Bardavid, Francesco Turrisi, Frank Poitrineau, Fulvio Bettini, Gebhard David, Harm Huson, Haru Kitamika, Hubert Claessens, Israel Castillo, Jan van Elsacker, Jürgen Banholzer, Jean Philippe Guissani, Jean Pierre Marchetti, João Fernandes (3), Johanna Seitz, Johannette Zomer, Katerina Papadopoulou, Lauren Armishaw, Lucas Guimarães Peres, Luciana Mancini, Lucilla Galeazzi, Marcello Vitale, Marco Beasley, Markus Brutscher, Matthew Baker, Maxime Merlandi, Mísia, Michèle Claude, Mira Glodeanu, Miriam Allan, Nicholas Achten, Nuria Rial, Pascal Bertin, Paulina Van Laarhoven, Pierre Boragno, Raquel Andueza, Reinhild Waldek, Richard Myron, Romano Giefer, Sarah Louise Ridy, Simen van Mechelen, Stefan Legée, Stephan Macleod, Stephan Van Dyck, Veronika Skuplik, Vincent Lesage, Vincenzo Capezzuto, William Dongois, Wouter Verschuren
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Discography of L'Arpeggiata:

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# Cover Release title Total tracks Download mp3 album Release date Label fo release
1 L'Arpeggiata - La Tarantella - Antidotum Tarantulae La Tarantella - Antidotum Tarantulae 17 mp3 2002 Alpha Productions
2 Los Impossibles 19 mp3 2009-03-17 Naïve
3 La Villanella 25 mp3 2001 Alpha Productions
4 L'Arpeggiata - Los Pájaros Perdidos - The South American Project Los Pájaros Perdidos - The South American Project 20 mp3 2012 Virgin Classics
5 Teatro D'Amore 16 mp3 2009 Virgin Classics
6 L'Arpeggiata - Homo Fugit Velut Umbra... Homo Fugit Velut Umbra... 15 mp3 2002 Alpha Productions
7 L'Arpeggiata - All'Improviso (Ciaccone, Bergamasche, & Un Po' Di Follie...) All'Improviso (Ciaccone, Bergamasche, & Un Po' Di Follie...) 15 mp3 2004 Alpha Productions
8 Via Crucis 21 mp3 2010 Virgin Classics
9 L'Arpeggiata - Los Impossibles Los Impossibles 15 mp3 2006 Naïve
10 L'Arpeggiata - Mediterraneo Mediterraneo 19 mp3 2013 Virgin Classics
11 L'Arpeggiata - Rappresentatione Di Anima, Et Di Capo Rappresentatione Di Anima, Et Di Capo 35 mp3 2004 Alpha Productions
12 La Tarantella - Antidotum Tarantulae 17 mp3 2004 Alpha Productions
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Founded in 2000, L'Arpeggiata is a French ensemble directed by [a=Christina Pluhar]. Its members are some of today's best European soloists: [a=Christina Pluhar], [a=Lucilla Galeazzi], [a=Marcello Vitale], [b]David Mayoral[/b], [a=Richard Myron], [b]Anna Dego[/b], [b]Doron Sherwin[/b], [b]Veronika Skuplik[/b], [a=Alessandro Tampieri], [b]Eero Palviainen[/b] and [b]Charles Edouard Fantin[/b]. In addition, they work in collaboration with some exceptional singers from the Baroque and traditional music worlds. Their aim is to revive an almost unknown repertoire and to focus their artistic work especially on French, Italian and Neapolitan music from the beginning of the 17th century.

The bases of L'Arpeggiata are instrumental improvisations, a different approach to singing centered on the development of vocal interpretation influenced by traditional music, and the creation and staging of attractive shows.

Since its foundation, L'Arpeggiata has received incredible response and critical aclaim for their live performances and recordings from both the audience and critics. Their recordings include: [i]La Villanella[/i] dedicated to the music of [a=Giovanni-Girolamo Kapsberger], [i]Homo Fugit Velut Umbra[/i] devoted to [url=]Stefano Landi[/url], [i]La Tarantella[/i], which proposes an encounter between baroque and traditional musicians, [i]All'Improvviso[/i], [i]Rapressentatione di Anima et di Corpo[/i] by [b]Emilio de' Cavalieri[/b] and [i]Los Impossibles[/i] with [url=]The King’s Singers[/url] as well as the Flamenco guitarist [a=Pepe Habichuela].

Furthermore, L’Arpeggiata has performed in many large festivals such as Lufthansa Festival London, Oude Muziek Utrecht, Festival de Pontoise, Printemps des Arts de Nantes, Theatre de Poissy, Theatre de Bordeaux, Rencontres de Vezelay, Festival Musique Sacree de Fribourg, Pfingstfestspiele Melk, Emociana Antigua Madrid, Flagey à Bruxelles, Festival de St Michel-en-Thierache, Festival de Sablé-sur-Sarthe, Brugge Musica Antica and Hong Kong Arts Festival among many others.

In 2006, Arpeggiata performed more than 50 concerts in the most prestigious venues in Europe and abroad which include London, Geneve, Tel Aviv, Austria and Belgium with several programs. These programs include [url=]Monteverdi[/url]'s [i]Il Ballo delle Ingrate[/i], traditional Mediterranean music and music improvisation with jazz accents, in addition to the composer [a=Luigi Rossi] and others authors from the Italian XVII century.

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